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IBG UV-Patch

The UV- short liner system "UV-Patch" of the IBG HydroTech GmbH allows the rehabilitation of punctually damaged pipe sections in lengths up to 1 meter (40”).

Together with national and international application technicians IBG developed in early 2015 an efficient and user-friendly UV-curing system for short liner. The focus was on a high quality and a product, which meets the different challenges on the job-site. The result was a flexible and compact rehabilitation system.

The handy setup is perfect for poorly accessible jobs and is already available for pipes in circular, egg-shaped and special profiles.


Fields of application:

• Defective pipe connections
• Selective corrosion
• Cracks of pipes
• Root intrusion
• Broken fragments
• Infiltration and exfiltration

System components:


  • Control unit for UV light and compressed air (inflation)

  • 50 meters (164 feet) hose reel (optional 80 meters / 262 feet)

  • Carriage with control unit and camera (optional)

  • Compressed air hose

  • 2 x wheel sets for DN150 - 600 (6“ - 24“)

  • 1 x UV packer DN150 - 225/1 x UV packer DN250 - 325/1 x UV packer DN350 - 450

  • 1 x UV packer DN500 - 600 (20“ - 24“) (optional)

  • Accessories package

  • 1 x replacement packer sleeve per size

  • 3 x replacement UV lamps

Advantages and features of IBG UV Patch System:

  • Max. occupancy with short liners up to 100 cm (40“)

  • 3 x UV lamps (250 watts each)

  • Articulated joint for better inserting through manhole into the pipe

  • Curing time of only 8 minutes

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