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PD Technologies Ltd. -- Overview


We are a team of professional which have over 20 years experience in the industry. All along we have strived to provide innovative, safe and practical equipment and facilities with high quality and advanced technology for power and civil industry. 


Presently, major products of our company can be divided into three categories: Power, Civil and Cutting Tools. Cable locator, CCTV, sonar, high pressure water jet, power cable fault locating equipment and equipment maintenance services. These products can be broadly used in various industries in relation to water supply, water drainage, gas, petroleum, electricity generation and telecommunications industry.


Innovative Technology


PD Tech keens to introduce state-of-the-art ideas and methods and provide innovative technology and products to our clients, . We always pay attention to our clients’ needs and proactively keep up with the world trends in relation to the technology. We provide our clients with updated technologies, products and news as well as total technical supports and solutions in order to satisfy their requirements on power and civil development. Furthermore, we keep introducing ideas, mindsets and approaches which are new and practical to our clients.


Quality Guarantee


In the cut-throat market competition, we insist on winning by better quality. We guarantee the followings regarding our products and services:


  • Provide high quality products – all of our products are up to national standards, industrial standards as well as international standards. Moreover, the conditions relating to technical requirements under the contracts will be executed strictly.

  • Guarantee the quality of technical services – we assist our clients in model selections and design improvements according to their requirements on functions and usages. We also provide relevant technical information and training for operational and technical staff.

  • Guarantee reasonable prices of our products – reasonable prices help to enhance competitiveness.

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