VENTO Air-duct inspection system

VENTO inspection system is a reliable device for professional control of ventilation installations before and after cleaning, and for reviewing the process of cleaning itself. The robot enables inspections of both horizontal and vertical channels.

Features of the device:

  1. Compact and highly resistant structure of the vehicle.

  2. High clearance underneath the device crawl through even significant number of protruding elements such as screws, bolts, etc.

  3. Properly selected weight of the robot and the wiring allowing to travel considerable distances and numerous bends of the ventilation string.

  4. A special drive transmission system guarantees failure-free work even if the vehicle is exposed to hits and falls.

  5. Changeable tires facilitating cleaning after inspection.

  6. A strong 20-meters long controlling cable provided together with a drum.

  7. A possibility to inspect both horizontal and vertical channels.

  8. Wide angle high-power lightning providing high-quality picture without reflections typical for backlight with LED.

  9. Color front and rear camera with high definition.

  10. Record record directly in an external memory, eliminating a necessity to use a laptop.

  11. A built-in LCD screen with wide angle view.

  12. The set is fitted in a suitcase that is easy to transport.

  13.  A disinfection module (option).

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