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FerroTec FT 10

Easy location of ferromagnetic objects

The FerroTec FT 10 helps you safely and reliably locate concealed shaft covers, sliding rods and caps, as well as pavement markers and other objects. The only requirement is that they are made of iron, cast iron or steel. The ergonomic design, convenient operation and precise measuring technology make your work fast and easy.

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SeCorrPhon AC 200

The SeCorrPhon AC 200 is a multifunctional leak detector offering three functions in one: prelocation, pinpointing and correlation. The clever combination of these processes in one system allows you to confidently locate the leak regardless of the ambient conditions. With just a few finger strokes, you can quickly and easily switch between the various applications.

Multitec® 540

The Multitec® 540 is a gas measuring device for analysing gas mixtures that are formed in biological processes. It can measure the concentration of up to five gases simultaneously.

The device is fitted with infrared sensors for measuring methane and carbon dioxide. It can also be fitted with electrochemical sensors.

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