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High Precision Digital Micro-ohmmeter

The DRM-10A™ is a lightweight and portable micro-ohmmeter designed to measure very low resistances from 0.01 µΩ to 200 Ω. It is the most accurate in its category.



  • Quality control of smelting parts

  • Control of mechanical joints and high voltage welded joints

  • Control of exothermic joints (Cadweld®) 

  • Control of electrodes for aluminum plants

  • Inspection of contacts, circuit breakers and power fuses

The DRM-10A™ is suitable for both laboratory and field applications. Resistance measurements are calculated automatically. This equipment has become the number one choice for industries, pro-ducts engineers, and manufacturers. Recognized as the most accurate and easy to use on the market, the DRM-10A™ is shock resistant and suitable for many applications. 

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