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Voice Cable Identification System

The VCI-3™ is a cable identification and phasing system used during installation or maintenance works on de-energized three phase systems.

Operation Mode

The tone transmitter integrates a speaker and a mi-crophone to record the vocal identification message. The transmitter uses direct connection injection clips or three clamps for magnetic current injection. The clamps induces current in the conductor and no concerns with the cable sheath. Thanks to its rechar-geable battery pack, it can provide more than eight hours of continuous work.

The compact detector uses a magnetic sensor. It has a built-in speaker with adjustable volume and a earphones jack to listen to the vocal identification message even in noisy environments. The sensor detection threshold is adjustable according to cable type and length. Detection is guaranteed by a digi-tal processing system that checks for the presence or absence of every tone that comes in from the transmitter end. ndb Technologies’ unique process guarantees a safe, precise and flawless detection.


  • Unique balanced injection system that  eliminates signal bleeding on other wires

  • Three different frequencies to identify each  phase

  • Easy to install and operate

  • Extended range: up to 10 km (6 miles) of working distance 

  • Tone transmission for more than 8 hours Lightweight and compact

  • Optional magnetic sensing transducer Phase detection by transmitter tone presence or absence

  • Digital filtering of network harmonics Unique dual grounded method




Live Cable Identification System

The LCI™ is intended for energised cable identification on secondary and primary circuits. It features a dual frequency technique that eliminates false identifications. The LCI™ is designed to be easy to use, safe for the user and cost-effective.

Low Voltage Cable Identification

The LCI-L™ load module is connected to the secon-dary side of the distribution transformer (120 VAC to 420 VAC). 

The LCI-D™ detector module is used on insulated distribution low voltage cables (120 VAC to 420 VAC) on the secondary side of the transformer. It detects the signal coming from the LCI-L™ thus identifying the cable confirming its tags.


  • Dual frequency efficient technique

  • Easy to install and operate

  • The safest technique on the market

  • Transmission on live cables

  • Detection by digital processing

  • High-resolution detection frequencies  

  • Single or three phase applications

High Voltage Cable Identification

The LCI-L™ load module is connected to the secon-dary side of the distribution transformer (120 VAC to 420 VAC). 

For high voltage cable identification, the LCI-D™ detector module must be paired with the LCI-HV ™ high voltage probe. The LCI-HV™ probe is designed to identify online cables up to 25kV thus enabling cable identification on the primary side of the trans-former.

The LCI™ system can be used on single phase circuits as well as three phase circuits.



VCI-3 ​Video

LCI ​Video

AE-150™ Partial Discharge pinpointing system 

The AE-150™ is designed to efficiently detect and locate faults in oil-filled power transformers. The use of our own and unique denoising algorithms, compliments this superior instrument and demonstrates its undeniable ease of use, the best on the market for on-site and online Partial Discharge  pinpointing inside Power transformers.

UHF Antennas, flexible and conventional

Paired with the AE-150™ system, the UHF antennas allow a precise detection of Partial Discharge in power transformers. The flexible UHF antenna allows an insertion through the transformer’s valve. Light and easy to use, the UHF antennas provide useful information for the location of Partial Discharge.

XDP-II™ Portable Partial Discharge Detector

The XDP-II™ is a portable Partial Discharge Detector designed for test and maintenance purposes. Its unique designed allows PD detection for a large amount of applications such as MV cable splices, corona effect and electric arcs, offline testing, switchgear testing, etc... The unit is designed to address field, manufacturing factories and Laboratory applications. The XDP-II™ can be used in accordance to IEC 60270.

PD-LT™ Partial Discharge Detector

The PD-LT™ allows online partial discharge detection on cable accessories such as cable head, light-ning arrestors, insulators, bushings, for safety and maintenance purposes. The partial discharge level is displayed on the remote display.

PD Annunciator™ system

Remotely detect partial discharge activity inside any energised switchgear cabinet using the ndb Tech-nologies PD Annunciator™ system. The probe is installed on the unit under test and will give instant status thus preventing long term damage to your switchgear equipment. Its unique design allows simultaneous TEV and Acoustic testing for optimized results. The flexible sensor’s unique design allows for combined directional noise acquisition and TEV testing.

PDS™ Partial Discharge Scanner

The PDS™ allows online partial discharge detection on underground cable accessories and equipment for safety and maintenance purposes. This compact and lightweight instrument is battery operated and it has a an autonomy of 30 hours. The Partial Discharge intensity level is displayed on the instrument with the bargraph.

ULD-40™ Ultrasonic Corona/Arcing Detector

The ULD-40™ is an ultrasonic detector designed for corona effect and arcing detection for predictive maintenance in electric utilities. Available with a variety of accessories, this instrument is a cost-effec-tive must for any prevention plan.

Line-Log™ distribution line monitoring system

The Line-Log™ is a distribution line monitoring system designed for high accuracy bi-directional current measurements.  This system enables qualification and improvements with load profiling and balancing of your distribution system. This unique and compact instrument offers large internal memory with several months of recording, Wireless 
communication, Hybrid power harvesting for continuous and autonomous operation and the design is Partial Discharge Free! The Line-Log™ is the perfect tool for accurate tracking of load profiles on multiple circuits.

CTTx2™ & CTTx5™ Current Transformer Testers

The CTTx2™ & CTTx5™ are rugged and easy to use current transformer testers, that offer Automatic and Manual testing modes. These instruments are designed to deliver fast and reliable measurements.

ART-3D™ Transformer Ratio Testers

The ART-3D™ series of Automatic Ratio Testers are precision instruments, designed to measure the turn ratios, phase displacements, excitation currents of single phase and three phase power, distribu-tion and instrument transformers in conformity to the IEEE C57.12.90 & IEC 60076. Now featuring an enhanced test lead design, the ART-3D is the
perfect instrument for real-life field usage!

WRT-10™ series Winding Resistance Tester

The WRT-10™  & WRT-10D™ are high performance winding resistance testers designed for Power Transformers and large motor applications.

LRM-10™ Micro-ohmmeter for substation

10 Amp Low Resistance Meter for electrical interconnections integrity testing. The LRM-10’s™ very low resistances measurements from 0.01 μΩ to 200Ω are targeted toward verifying the quality contact interfaces in harsh substation environments. 

DRM-10A™ Micro-Ohmmeter

The DRM-10A™ micro-ohmmeter can be used to measure very low resistances which vary from 0.01 μΩ to 200Ω in various applications. This is the most accurate on the market in its category. 

NDB-DOC™ Distribution Transformer Tester

The NDB-DOC™ can determine the presence of a short circuit and/or open circuit in a distribution transformer without disconnecting the secondary winding load.

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