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Mini-Cam CCTV System

Mini-cam is the leading manufacturers of push camera and crawler systems for pipeline inspection solutions worldwide.
Since 1992 Mini-cam has been innovating the future of pipeline inspection systems, using a combination of tried & tested, highly resilient materials with cutting-edge digital technology to provide the most reliable, practical and technologically advanced solutions available.


ATEX Zone 1 防爆認証

Mini-cam Solo Pro Push Rod CCTV System

Key Features
  • Choice of 40, 60 or 100 metre push rod

  • MPEG4 recording

  • Different capacity options for internal storage memory

  • 3 x Zoom function - on live or recorded video

  • Very lightweight

  • Rugged pan and rotate camera head

  • Multi frequency SONDE - 33Khz, 512hz and 640hz

  • Adjustable focus for fine detail inspection

  • 360 degree continuous rotation / +/- 135° pan

  • High intensity solid state LED lighting


ATEX Zone 1 防爆認証

Key Features
  • Manual Elevator (For pipe 150mm to 600mm)
  • Optional Camera Heads and Auxiliary Light
  • Quick-Change Wheel Lock
  • Optional Large Wheels
  • In-built Lowering Device
  • In-built Multi-Frequency Sonde transmitter
  • In-built Inclination sensor
  • Heavy-duty Connector
  • Battery operation possible


Designed and developed in-house, Mini-Cam’s PROTEUS™ CRP150 crawler is part of an entry-level modular system for the pipeline inspection market, and can be fully portable with the PROTEUS™ Trolley and Battery components, giving up to 5 hours of inspection in a highly compact solution.

Mini-cam Proteus Crawler Type CCTV System

For Pipe size from 95mm~300mm

For Pipe size from 600mm~1000mm

For Pipe size from 150mm~600mm

For Pipe size from 300mm~1000mm+

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