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WaMax Milling System

The WaMax is a world-leading milling system used for the removal of roots, mineral deposits, concrete and protruding sockets as well as for pipe preparation ahead of rehabilitation work. These different applications are made possible by the use of various guide cages and milling heads. There are many different applications and location opportunities offered when using this system.


  • ​Removal of roots, deposits, protruding sockets

  • Preparation ahead of rehabilitation work

Degree of contamination:

  • Medium to tough pollution

Operating pressure:

  • Max. 300 bar



Connection thread: 1 1/4"

Working range (mm): 150 - 600

Vol. Flow (l/min.): 125

Rotation nozzles (no. of holes): >200

Dimensions (mm): L 470

Weight (kg): ca. 26.6


Accessories for WaMax 200:

  • Milling wheels from ID 100 to 1,400

  • SkidsExtensions for skidsCarbide tools (concrete and limescale)

  • Liner knives and rupturing knives (roots)

  • Pipe socket cutter

  • Saw blade holder and saw blades

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