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KEP Power Product

Kharkovenergopribor LTD. (KEP) is a leading manufacturer of the high voltage electrical test equipment and devices, cable and calibration test vans.
KEP products are designed for finding traces of cable lines and locating the faults in them, testing high-voltage equipment, control, relay protection and automation of electrical substations, transformers, bushings and transformer oil.
Taking as a benchmark of quality models of high test equipment, KEP try to bring to every projects the best that is used world-famous, complementing each device you wish.

The main principle of KEP - an engineering approach to achieving a high level of quality at all stages of development and production.
Every single instrument - a synthesis of design ideas and original designs that are implemented in the "metal", and we always take into account the invaluable experience of our customers.

  • In 2007 the Assembly of business circles of Ukraine for the manufacture of high quality electrical engineering laboratories and high-voltage test equipment company KEP was awarded the gold quality mark "High Grade - for the excellent quality of products and services."

  • In 2008, KEP received "Certificate of Quality Management System", registered in the Registry System UkrSEPRO, and the International Certificate of management system ISO 9001.

  • In November 2008, KEP was awarded the gold medal of the Krasnoyarsk Fair "for the production and marketing of the Siberian region of mobile cable, electrical and calibration laboratories with high utility and performance."

  • In March 2009, KEP was awarded the gold medal of the Exhibition Center "Tsaritsinskaya Fair" "For the production of high-quality high-voltage electrical equipment and mobile labs."

  • In February 2010, KEP received a certificate for quality management system in the latest version (DSTU ISO 9001:2009).


Permanent member and multiple winner of international electrical exhibitions. KEP has been successfully operating for more than 25 offices in almost all CIS countries.

The geography of deliveries - Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Romania and Vietnam.

Our regular customers - SE "NPC Ukrenergo" all generating and distributing energy company of Ukraine, the Federal Grid Company of Russia, Kazakhstan company Electricity Grid «KEGOC», JSC "KazTransOil", "Uzbekenergo", oil and gas industry and the railways of CIS.

Product Range

  • Cable Test Vans

  • Resonance Testers for Testing of Hydrogenerators, Turbogenerators and Cables

  • High Voltage Cable Testing

  • High Voltage Measuring Stabdards

  • High Voltage Step-up Transformers

  • High Current Testing and Diagnostics

  • Cable Fault Location

  • Insulating Liquids Testing


and more...

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